Below you’ll find links to download and/or play several games created by HEPEX-ers, related to both science and decision-making aspects of hydrological ensemble prediction.

A general presentation about the games can be found here: About Hepex Games (Ramos et al., EGU 2018)

Flash Flood!

Flash Flood! is an immersive storytelling experience using virtual reality and 360 video to show people what it would be like to visit a river valley during a debris-laden flooding from intense rainfall event. The 3D scene was built using real survey data from before and after a flood in a UK upland catchment. Find out more at this link.

Call for Water

In Call For Water, you will manage a water supply reservoir in anticipation of the summer season based on seasonal forecasts. In the first game round, you are provided with forecasts of varying reliability and confidence, while in the second round, you have the possibility to pay for systematically reliable and confident forecasts. It is: (1) a training on the concepts of forecast confidence and reliability, and (2) an investigation of the levels of forecast confidence and reliability needed to inform decisions.

IMPREX game: using forecasts to prevent flooding

  • Based on ‘pathways to running a flood forecasting centre: an adventure game’ (below)
  • Online game: visit this link to play!
  • Be ready to protect your city and its inhabitants from floods!

Pathways to running a flood forecasting centre: an adventure game

  • You can play the online version here.
  • A blog post on the game was published in the Imprex project website: here
  • Reference: Arnal et al. (EGU 2017 abstract)

Flood control game

Water management game

Peak Box game

Pay-for-a-forecast game

The Shopkeepers dilemma: a decision-making game using probabilistic forecasts