Science & Implementation Plan

The first Implementation Plan for (HEPEX) was developed by attendees of the 1st and 2nd HEPEX Workshops (Reading, 2004 and Boulder, 2005, respectively) and was written up as a proposal by Eric Wood, Lifeng Luo, John Schaake, Roberto Buizza, Alan Hall and Kristie Franz on October 7th, 2006.

Within HEPEX, much has been achieved since this first implementation plan. New challenges have emerged. New experiences have been acquired from different users that have been investing in hydrological ensemble predictions for flood forecasting, water management (quality and quantity), hydropower production, river transport management, etc.

Over the years, the focus of HEPEX has evolved from focusing on the scientific and technical challenges of the real-time implementation of hydrological ensemble prediction systems towards understanding and promoting their wider adoption and their impact on decision making. HEPEX has also moved from being an experiment to a community of practice for hydrometeorological forecasting, with the goal of exchanging knowledge and sharing experiences to tackle community-wide challenges

At the HEPEX workshop in 2018, the achievements, goals and future challenges of HEPEX were discussed, and summarised in this blog post. A recent survey has also highlighted the HEPEX members’ viewpoints and expectations for the future.

Some of the main topics of HEPEX have also been reviewed in available posts, for example:

You are invited to navigate through the HEPEX website for more information and resources.

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