10th anniversary HEPEX workshop

Contributed by JuttaThielen, Andy Wood, Florian Pappenberger and Robert Hartman


The 10th anniversary HEPEX workshop will be hosted by NOAA in Maryland from 24-26th June 2014 at the new NCEP “Weather and Climate Prediction Center”.

The workshop will provide a review of HEPEX achievements, but, more importantly, will look into where we are now and where we want hydrological ensemble predictions to be in 10 years’ time from now.

The workshop will have a strong focus on end user’s needs, while also presenting a broad overview on innovative methodologies both in research and operational environments. It will be organized in form of talks, posters, panel and plenary discussions, as well as educational games.NCWCP_outside

We are inviting you to bookmark the dates in your calendars and think about presenting your work in one of the following sessions:

  1. User needs for HEPS information
  2. Communicating uncertainty
  3. Educating ourselves, our partners, our customers
  4. Decision making under uncertainty
  5. HEPS challenges (Role of forecaster, integrating deterministic and probabilistic information)
  6. Integrated HEPS overviews (components and approaches)
  7. Developing innovative techniques (meteo, hydro, post-processing)

A dedicated HEPEX session with test bed review, collection of gaps and preparation of HEPEX input to the hydrology week at ECMWF in November 2014 will also take place at the end of the workshop.

Please, bookmark the event and look out for more information to be circulated in October on submitting abstracts for presentations before the end of the year.


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