Drought forecasting and warning: courses, map-server and special session


The DEWFORA project is an FP7 research project focusing on Drought Forecasting and Warning. The project started in 2011 and will run to the end of 2013. Some recent announcements from the project include:

  •  Three courses being organised
  •  Release of the first version of the DEWFORA Pan-African Map Server
  •  Announcement of a special session at the WaterNet conference in Dar-es-Salaam, Tanzania

Three courses are on Drought Forecasting and Warning to be held in August and September

Within the project three courses are being organised, each with different focal themes. These courses aim to introduce the concept of drought forecasting and warning as an effective measure in managing drought. Scholarships including full board can be provided for a limited number of applicants. Follow the links in the course title for more details (currently only the 3rd is active – the others will become active shortly).

First version Pan-African Map Server launched

The fist version of the DEWFORA Pan-African Map Server, that has been developed by JRC within the context of the project has been launched. Follow this link to have a look.

Special session at WaterNet Conference

The DEWFORA project is organising a special session on the project and its results at the forthcoming WaterNet conference. This annual seminar is probably one of the most important water research related events on the continents, and is this year being organised from 30 October to 1 November in Dar-er-Salaam, Tanzania. DEWFORA will organise a one day side event on October 31st, with the morning session dedicated at policy makers, and the scientific achievements of the project being presented in the afternoon session. Follow this link for more details.

A special edition of the Hydrology and Earth System Science is being prepared to report on the findings of the project as well as other related work – see the separate post released on 15/6 for all the details


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