EGU24 here we come. What not to miss!

If you are planning to attend the EGU 2024 Annual General Assembly in person or online, then this is a blog not to be missed.

The HEPEX community of practice will meet at EGU24 (14–19 April, Vienna) to disseminate and exchange knowledge, and discuss the scientific and operational progress in hydrological forecasting.

To assist you, we compiled some tips on the sessions that should interest you! Remember that you can find many HEPEXers and EC-HEPEXers usually on the red level at the Vienna International Centre.

The Vienna International Centre

This year the sub-division on Hydrological Forecasting (HS4) will run 8 sessions focusing on topics like:

  • Forecasting hydrological extremes: (flash) floods, droughts and water scarcity
  • Improving and quantifying forecasting methodologies and uncertainties
  • Operational and impact forecasting, preparedness and decision making

Prior to highlighting the relevant sessions, we would like to draw your attention into:

  • The social HEPEX/EC-HEPEX evening is scheduled for Thursday (18 April) at 20.45 at the Melker Stiftskeller (Schottengasse 3, 1010 Wien, Austria) restaurant. If you want to join it, please register HERE before Wednesday 10 April. The reservation is for 60 people, so “first-come first-served”!
  • HS4 conveners, authors and members, particularly ECS, are invited to the Hydrological Forecasting (HS4) sub-division meeting. Thursday (18th) 16:15-17:45, Room 2.83.

Feel free to add your favourite song and enjoy listening during EGU – click, listen & add your song!

Floods are predicted for Monday and there is a need for early warning systems!

See you also at the HS Division Outstanding ECS Award Lecture!

Posters on site – 10:45-12:30, Hall A

Posters virtual – 14:00-15:45, vHall A

Orals – 14:00–17:55, Room 3.29/30

14:00–14:45, Room 3.16/17

Tuesday will be a long day!

We also have the Division meeting for Hydrological Sciences (HS) and the Henry Darcy Medal Lecture!

PICO – 08:30–10:15, PICO spot A

Orals – 10:45–12:10, Room 3.29/30

Posters on site – 16:15-18:00, Hall A

Posters virtual – 14:00-15:45, vHall A

Orals – 14:00–15:45, Room 2.15

Orals – 16:15–18:00, Room 2.15

Posters on site – 10:45-12:30, Hall A

12:45–13:45, Room B

19:00–20:00, Room B

Catch your breath and then follow the innovations on operational forecast services!

PICO – 16:15–18:00, PICO spot A

Another busy day for HEPEXers, including a Great Debate…

but exciting to attend the John Dalton Medal Lecture and the Hydrological Forecasting sub-division meeting. Do not forget the HEPEX dinner as a reward!

Orals – 08:30–10:15, Room 2.31

Posters on site – 16:15-18:00, Hall A

Posters virtual – 14:00-15:45, vHall A

10:45–12:30, Room E1

Orals – 14:00–15:45, Room C

  • Hydrological Forecasting Sub-Division meeting, convened by Ilias Pechlivanidis

16:15–17:45, Room 2.83

19:00–20:00, Room B

The pre-party starts with discussion on droughts!!! Did someone mention a party?

Orals – 08:30–12:30, Room C

Posters on site – 16:15-18:00, Hall A

Posters virtual – 14:00-15:45, vHall A

There are many more exciting sessions during the week! View the rest of the programme here and enjoy the conference! Also, remember to get the EGU app and include the sessions and meetings in your personal programme!


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