HEPEX site outage

Returning visitors may have found the HEPEX site apparently “down” in the last few days. While direct links to posts have been properly working all along, the portal’s front page showed an error message. As it turned out, one of the plugins was acting up. We solved the issue by parting ways. There are still some remaining issues with respect to the links within the HEPEX site and we’re hoping to solve these in the next few days.

Apologies for the inconvenience to all visitors, and in particular to Luis Samaniego, whose thoughtful post has been effectively hidden for a few days. It can be accessed here.

Here’s also a call to any HEPEX members that are versed in managing WordPress sites. While we’re doing our best to keep a portal up and running, we sometimes run into problems that we cannot readily solve. Some additional expertise would be highly welcome – so make yourself known to us and consider yourself the newest member of our HEPEX website team!


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