Hydrologists make your voice heard (for atmospheric re-analysis)


Map of historical data to be recoved by ERA-CLIM

ECMWF is currently conducting a user study regarding reanalysis data. The results will be used to shape future data provision and may well influence the design of future reanalysis data.

IF you want reanalyses to stay (or be more) useful for hydrology, please fill in the short questionaire indicated below!

There are altogether 11 questions about reanalyses, applications and methods, user awareness and climate services. It takes approximately 15 minutes to answer the questionnaire.

For the questionaire see [here (closing 31 January 2014)


img_tn_era_clim@t~1“A meteorological reanalysis is a meteorological data assimilation project which aims to assimilate historical observational data spanning an extended period, using a single consistent assimilation (or “analysis”) scheme throughout” (Wikipedia)

Reanalysis has been more and more used by many hydrologists in several applications. ECMWF has currently a project which creates a reanalysis for the 20th and 21st century (ERA-CLIM).

The ERA-CLIM project is all about the production of global climate data sets (observations, model data, reanalyses, metadata) and development of robust data access facilities (Reanalysis Data Server, Observation Feedback Archive) for users of the data.

For hydrologists, probably the most interesting climate data products are: newly digitised and quality-controlled meteorological observations; ERA-20C: an ensemble of atmospheric reanalyses using surface observations and HadISST; and ERA-20CL: an ensemble of land-surface reanalyses consistent with ERA-20C.

You can download the data from here: http://apps.ecmwf.int/datasets/

More information about ERA-CLIM: http://www.era-clim.eu


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