Keeping the HEPEX community engaged in between meetings


HEPEX meetings are generally well attended, much appreciated and followed by a flurry of activity. However, meetings have been ‘few and far between’ and this is unlikely to change in the near future. As a result, the activity dies down. As we’d like to people to be engaged continuously, we need alternative ways of engaging the community. In addition to, and in between meetings.

Some of the HEPEX activities are specifically aimed at building and maintaining the HEPEX community:

  • the monthly webinars;
  • the HEPEX portal including the HEPEX blog you’re now reading.

We hope that both the webinars and the blogs will provide opportunity and a platform for HEPEX partcipants to meet outside of meetings, and discuss the science.

If you’re willing to contribute to either the webinars or the blog, do! Send us a brief message and we’ll organise it for you.


  1. I suggest holding brief but regular monthly calls to discuss current and upcoming HEPEX activities, staged at times between the webinars. It would offer a chance for participants to touch base, ask questions, give input, progress reports, and so forth, on topics not related to webinars. The chief challenge may be finding a time that satisfies across multiple zones. Do others think that would be useful and/or workable?

    1. I fully agree.

  2. I propose that we do it every 1st Wednesday a month – but as we are distributed around the globe we’ll need a time too, any ideas?

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