The HEPEX community contributing to EGU22 and IAHS22 – What not to miss!!!

It is finally happening! Soon the community will meet in Vienna and Montpellier and discuss the scientific and operational progress in hydrological forecasting.

If you are planning to go and want to meet HEPEX and EC-HEPEX people, here are some tips on the sessions that might interest you.

If unfortunately you cannot be there in person, do not worry since we are now in the era of hybrid events. You can simply register and attend the sessions online. Just browse the programme of these sessions following the links below and learn more about the different work that is going to be presented.

The European Geosciences Union (EGU) 2022 General Assembly

The EGU 2022 Annual General Assembly will take place from 23–27 May 2022 in Vienna.

The Vienna International Centre

The sessions of the sub-division on Hydrological Forecasting (HS4) focus on the following topics:

  • Forecasting hydrological extremes: (flash) floods, droughts and water scarcity
  • Improving and quantifying forecasting methodologies and uncertainties
  • Operational and impact forecasting, preparedness and decision making

All HS4 sessions received the EDI logo supporting the principles of equality, diversity and inclusion. The sessions are nicely spread over the week; start on Monday 23rd and finish on Thursday 26th May. Prior to highlighting the relevant sessions, we would like to draw your attention into:

The social HEPEX evening will be again a joint event with various research projects. It is scheduled for Wednesday (25 May) at 20.00 at the Melker Stiftskeller (Schottengasse 3, 1010 Wien, Austria) restaurant. If you want to join it, please register HERE before Wednesday 20 May. The reservation is for 50 people, so “first-come first-served”!

HS4 conveners, authors and members, particularly ECS, are invited to the Hydrological Forecasting (HS4) sub-division meeting. Tue (24th) 10:20-11:50, Room 2.61.

Wondering about the intersections between science and art?

Then check Science and Art at EGU and the Artist in Residence programme.

Contribute to the HEPEXmusic Spotify playlist!

Feel free to add your favorite song and enjoy listening during EGU 2022 – click, listen & add your song!


Monday will be an early call for hydrological forecasting!



HS4.5 – Reducing the impacts of natural hazards through forecast-based action: from early warning to early action
08:30–10:00, Room 2.31

HS4.1 – Anticipation of flash floods and rainfall-induced hydro-geomorphic hazards: short-range observational and forecasting strategies
10:20–11:50, Room 2.31

On Tuesday we are scheduled for the closure (or not)!

We also have the Hydrological Forecasting sub-division meeting, the Division meeting for Hydrological Sciences (HS), the John Dalton Medal Lecture  & Arne Richter Award for Outstanding ECS Lecture

Hydrological Forecasting Sub-Division meeting, convened by Ilias Pechlivanidis
10:20–11:50, Room 2.61

Division meeting for Hydrological Sciences (HS), convened by Maria-Helena Ramos
12:00–13:00, Room B

HS4.6 – From sub-seasonal forecasting to climate projections: predicting water availability and servicing water sectors
15:55–18:30, Room 2.17

John Dalton Medal Lecture by Martha C. Anderson & Arne Richter Award for Outstanding ECS Lecture by Niko Wanders
19:00–20:00, Room B

Wednesday is (probably) the busiest day for HEPEXers!



HS4.7 – Advances in the hydrologic and hydraulic modelling and design for extreme floods
08:30–09:36, Room 2.17

HS4.2 – Drought and water scarcity: monitoring, modelling and forecasting to improve hydro-meteorological risk management
13:20–17:52, Room B

Thursday is last for hydrological forecasting but not least…

and includes the Henry Darcy Medal Lecture & HS Division Outstanding ECS Award Lecture 


HS4.4 – Operational forecasting and warning systems for natural hazards and climate emergency: challenges and innovations
13:20–15:52, Room 2.44

HS4.3 – Ensemble and probabilistic hydro-meteorological forecasts: predictive uncertainty, verification and decision making
15:55–18:30, Room 2.44

Henry Darcy Medal Lecture by Wouter Buytaert & HS Division Outstanding ECS Award Lecture by Manuela I. Brunner
19:00–20:00, Room B

There are many more exciting sessions during the week! View the rest of the programme here and enjoy the conference! Also, remember to get the EGU app and include the sessions and meetings in your personal programme!


The International Association of Hydrological Sciences (IAHS) 2022 Assembly

The IAHS 2022 Scientific Assembly will take place from 29 May – 3 June 2022 in Montpellier. With 650 submitted abstracts, the Assembly is expected to be great for our community.

Le Corum Congress Center in Montpellier

We are organising a social HEPEX – EC-HEPEX evening at IAHS too. It is scheduled for Tuesday (31 May) at 20.00 at the Les Bains (6 Rue Richelieu, 34000 Montpellier) restaurant. If you want to join it, please register HERE before Saturday 28 May. The reservation is for 15 people, so again “first-come first-served”!

One long, but still fun, session!

We also celebrate the 100th anniversary of the Association!


S10 – Forecasting and making decisions under uncertainty: ensemble approaches, evaluation methods and lessons learnt from post-event analyses

Orals | 08:30–15:00 | Room Barthez 1
Posters | Attendance 15:00–16:30 | Poster area

SP5 – IAHS 100th anniversary
16:30–19:30 | Room Auditorium Pasteur

Although HEPEX is contributing to one session at IAHS 2022, there are many interesting sessions and workshops taking place during that week. You can check the programme here.


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