Welcome to HEPEX 2015

Contributed by Andy Wood, Maria-Helena Ramos, Fredrik Wetterhall, Florian Pappenberger and Jan Verkade

A new year starts for the HEPEX Portal. Last year, a list of New Year’s resolution was proposed and many of you (certainly!) followed our suggestions. 2014 was consequently successful again for HEPEX, and full of interesting discussions (see our summary here).

Last year’s list is definitely still valid for 2015. Prepare your new coming year and be attentive to some main activities coming soon under HEPEX, thanks to our community building efforts:

  • Hydrological forecasting will also be present at the IAHS workshop in Prague. You can submit your abstract until 31 January 2015. Check here for more information.
  • Save the date: a HEPEX Topical Workshop on Seasonal Forecasting is planned to occur in September 21-23, 2015. It will be organized by SMHI in Norrköping, Sweden. Keep an eye on the blog posts and contact us or Ilias Pechlivanidis for more information on how to participate.
  • This year will also be a preparation year for a General HEPEX Workshop that will take place in 2016 in Québec, Canada, organized by Université Laval. If you want to actively participate to the organization of the event, contact us or François Anctil, who is the local organizer.

Have something to say?

We have published about 170 blog posts over the last years with contributions from over 90 guest authors and contributors from all corners of the world. The posts cover many aspects of hydrology, forecasting and ensembles.

We have broadcast live and published over 30 webinars through Webex and our YouTube-channel. This year the format will change slightly, and we will broaden the scope of the webinars and the way they are presented. Look out for the announcement soon!

We believe there are more interesting stories out there!  Do you want to tell yours? Contact us with your idea for a blog post or webinar, and see also our practical tips on how to write a blog post here.

Happy 2015!


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