WhatsApp chat between a forecaster and a modeller in hydrology



  1. I am very happy to find this weblog and to see this post today, i read the whole chat! 🙂
    Thank you so much,
    All the best,

  2. Physical modeler: I heard you were hanging out with statistical modelers the other day…
    Forecaster: How’d you hear about that?
    Physical modeler: You shouldn’t waste your time with them!
    Forecaster: Try not to be jealous. There’s room for many models in my heart… each with many forcings.
    Physical modeler: But you still think I’m the most beautiful and elegant, right?
    Forecaster: Of course, no doubt. And I think over the long term we have the most potential.
    Physical modeler: Nawww…
    Forecaster: But I’ve been waiting years for you to become reliable…
    Physical modeler: Hey! :/

  3. Thank you, Reza and Tom, for the comments.
    With this chat post, I was wondering where the community of hydrologists working with operational hydrologic forecasting and the community of hydrologists working mainly with simulations from rainfall-runoff models might agree and diverge. Tom added another perspective with the statistical modeller. I think it is inspiring to have different views in hydrology, and among R&D and operations, but I also think that it helps if we try to understand the different perspectives, and why sometimes visions seem to clash and progress towards efficient applications seems to slow down.

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