XX Brazilian Symposium of Water Resources (SBRH)

Every two years the Brazilian Association of Water Resources (ABRH, since 1977) organize a symposium that brings together scientists, operational hydrologists, practitioners and stake-holders involved in a variety of topics related to water resources and hydrology.

The symposium is attended by more than 1500 students, scientists and professionals working in the water sector. It consists of about 1000 presentations of scientific and technical studies, as well invited talks and topic conferences. It is one of the most important water-related events in Brazil, offering hydrologists and water managers an occasion to discuss the priorities and strategies for the development and management of water resources.

This year the XX SBRH will be held in Bento Gonçalves, a city located in the famous Serra Gaúcha (The Gaucho Highlands) in the Southern State of Rio Grande do Sul, from 17 to 22 November.

New this year is also the organization of a roundtable discussion on the use of probabilistic hydrological forecasting in decision-making: “Hydrological forecasting and uncertainties: methods and decision-making”, on Monday 18th, from 2pm-4pm. Invited speakers are Maria-Helena Ramos (IRSTEA, France) and Matthieu Le Lay (EDF, Electricity of France), with Professor Dirceu Reis (Funceme) and Vinicius Forain (ONS, the Brazilian Operator of the National Electricity System) as debaters.

This roundtable will offer the opportunity to discuss important issues in hydrological prediction and we hope it will foster the participation of Brazil and other South American countries in HEPEX.

We are looking forward to seeing you there.


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