2018 HEPEX Workshop

The theme for the 2018 HEPEX workshop is ‘breaking the barriers’ to highlight current challenges facing ensemble forecasting researchers and practitioners and how they can (and have) been overcome.

The workshop will highlight the following topics:

  • using ensemble forecasts to improve decisions in practice,
  • extending forecasts in space (including to ungauged areas) and across lead-times, from short-term to sub-seasonal to seasonal forecast horizons,
  • using ensemble forecasts to maximise economic returns from existing water infrastructure (e.g. reservoirs), even as inflows and demand for water change,
  • using ensemble forecasts to improve environmental management of rivers,
  • applying ensemble forecasts for agriculture,
  • searching for better/new sources of forecast skill,
  • balancing the use of dynamical climate and hydrological models with the need for reliable ensembles,
  • communicating forecast quality and uncertainty to end users.

More generally, we welcome contributions on new and improved ensemble hydrological prediction methods as well the application of existing methods in practical and operational settings.

The workshop will be held in Melbourne. It will be hosted by The University of Melbourne, from 6-8 February 2018.

As in previous workshops, it will include both oral and poster presentations on all aspects of hydrological ensemble prediction.

Contact: QJ Wang (University of Melbourne, Australia) and James Bennett (CSIRO)

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