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In just a couple of weeks it is time for the joint H SAF and HEPEX workshop on using remote sensing for hydrological applications, this time enticingly named “Satellite inspired hydrology in an uncertain future”. The workshop is a follow-on from the workshop five years ago on “Coupled hydrology“, so it is time to see how far the community has got in terms of using satellite data in hydrological applications and what the challenges are for the future.

We welcome all from the HEPEX community who are traveling to Reading for the workshop, it looks indeed to be a very interesting 4 days.  Those who are not able to attend in person can follow the full programme online and interact with the presenters. The link to the live streaming will be posted on the website at the time of the event. We will also tweet from the event, so please engage as much as you can from wherever you are.

All details, including the full programme and presentation of keynote speakers is available below:

When: 25-28 November 2019

Where: ECMWF , Reading, UK

Detailed programme

Workshop website


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