New on the HEPEX website: Online resources and the 10th Anniversary Workshop

new-resources-pageTwo new pages have been added to the HEPEX website:

1. The 10th Anniversary HEPEX Workshop

More and updated information about the organization of this special occasion for HEPEX is now available here. See all the topics covered by the workshop and its provisional programme. Specifically, do not miss the abstract submission deadline: 31 January 2014. Bookmark the workshop webpage in your favorites so you can keep yourself updated with the latest information.

2. The HEPEX online resources page

You can now quickly find out information about HEPEX and download online material from the new resources page of the website.

This page is the home for all resources (to the best of our knowledge!) produced as part of HEPEX activities and made available to the community.

It contains:

  • General information about HEPEX, including slides to introduce HEPEX and a leaflet,
  • All available information about past HEPEX workshops: scope, agenda, list of participants, oral and poster presentations, summary reports,
  • Links to special journal issues related to HEPEX, its workshops and activities,
  • Games, training tools or topic courses developed as part of HEPEX activities,
  • Freeware and open-source packages that might help forecasters and users.

Visit the HEPEX resources page and post here any comments or suggestions you may have to enrich its content. We hope the page will be updated frequently with new resources and be useful to the HEPEX community.


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