The HEPEX Daily

Contributed by Jean-François Vuillaume, Jan Verkade and Andy Wood

The HEPEX Daily is a daily journal that compiles several daily newspapers. It extracts daily news on floods and droughts. It can give a quick overview of news about floods and droughts around the world and can be consulted at the address

How to subscribe?

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Extract of the main page of The HEPEX Daily the 1th December 2013

Extract of the main page of The HEPEX Daily on the 01 December 2013

The HEPEX Daily extracts data from 25 sources so far today, the limit of the free subscription. It also keeps past pages in the archives. The sources used so far are listed below.

Please feel free to propose others!

Table 1                  Sources used in HEPEX Daily

1  HEPEX tweeter @hepexorg
2  Deltares @deltares Enabling Delta Life; Independent institute for applied research in the field of water, subsurface and infrastructure.
3 The River Seers – Atom

5 Flooding news
6 Dan’s Wild Wild Science Journal
7 Environment RSS Feed
8 Clean Water on Huffington Post
9 Hydraulically Inclined
10 The River Management Blog
11 The Water Away
12 Time of india
13  The Guardian
14 The independent
15 The Japan Time
16 Science daily
17 The Jakarta Post
18 BBC breaking News
19 IRIN, humanitarian news and analysis
20 CNN
21 Al Jazeera English
22 The Rio Times
23 China daily
24 NYT > Global Home
25 NYT > Science


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