EGU 2023 is on its way

Happy New Year to all HEPEXers and EC-HEPEXers!

We start early this year with the good news that EGU 2023 is on its way!

Our community will soon meet to disseminate and exchange knowledge, and discuss the scientific and operational progress in hydrological forecasting. The EGU 2023 Annual General Assembly will take place on 23–28 April 2023 in Vienna.

The Vienna International Centre


This year the Hydrological Forecasting sub-division (HS4) received 8 proposed sessions focusing on topics such as:

  • Forecasting hydrological extremes: (flash) floods, droughts and water scarcity
  • Improving and quantifying forecasting methodologies and uncertainties
  • Operational and impact forecasting, preparedness and decision making

Again this year, all HS4 sessions received the EDI logo supporting the principles of equality, diversity and inclusion.

HS4.1 (co-organized by NH1): Anticipation of flash floods and rainfall-induced hydro-geomorphic hazards: short-range observational and forecasting strategies

HS4.2 (co-organized by NH1): Drought and water scarcity: monitoring, modelling and forecasting to improve drought risk management 

HS4.3: Probabilistic hydro-meteorological forecasts: ensembles, assimilation, predictive uncertainty, verification and decision making 

HS4.4: Operational forecasting and warning systems for natural hazards and climate emergency: challenges and innovations

HS4.5 (co-organized by NH1): Reducing the impacts of natural hazards through forecast-based action: from early warning to early action

HS4.6: From sub-seasonal forecasting to climate projections: predicting water availability and servicing water sectors 

HS4.7: Recent advances in the hydrologic and hydraulic modelling of extreme flood events 

HS4.8: Real-time urban flood forecasting: data analytics, modelling, and applications

If you are planning to attend EGU23, firstly remember that the deadline for abstract submission is Jan. 10th at 13.00 CET., and secondly we encourage you to submit an abstract to one of the above sessions.

See you all at EGU23, and as always stay tuned for social HEPEX/EC-HEPEX dinner too.

HEPEX/EC-HEPEX dinner at EGU22


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