FcstVerChallenge: will you join the HEPEX team?

You may have read Florian’s recent post on the WMO’s “forecast verification challenge”. In short: the WMO’s World Weather Research Programme set a challenge to develop new user oriented verification scores, metrics, diagnostics or diagrams. Any entries have to be submitted by the end of October and the winning entry will be awarded with a “keynote” presentation at the 2017 WMO verification meeting in Geneva as well as free passage into that event.


Some HEPEX-ers got together last week and discussed a joint effort to develop a new metric. While in the past, brilliant verification metrics have been developed by individuals (Brier´s probability score) as well as by small groups (CRPS decomposition), we realized that we’re likely to do better if we made this a team effort. More ideas, more points of view, more -and more varied- experience and expertise should all contribute to a better idea. Or to multiple ideas even, maybe.

So, our question to you:


It’ll be a great way to meet new people. It’ll be good to further sustain the HEPEX community. It’ll be a fantastic story if we get a result. In any case, it’ll be fun.

To organise the team effort, we’ve set up a Slack team space that we can use for team communication. Slack is essentially a virtual space where the team can have a conversation. It’s searchable. It can be used in conjunction with tools like Skype video calling, Trello and file sharing tools like Google Drive and Microsoft OneDrive. It’s everything we need to work across space and time.

If you’re interested, drop either Florian, Julie or myself an email and we’ll set you up on Slack so you can start the ride!


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