The NEW HEPEX Calendar

A HEPEX calendar  has been requested several times, so here it is. We have decided to use Google Calendar, which should make it easy for you to access and share as well as  integrate it into your work or private calendars.

Calendar address: [ical] [html] [xml]

Information on how to subscribe to the calendar can be found [here]. You can also view the calendar from outlook, thunderbird, iOS devices and many others. The calendar will also appear in the sidebar of this website (in fact it is already there!)

Everybody on the HEPEX mailing list will get an invitation to add, delete and modify entries on the calendar – just watch out for the invite! So feel free to add your local, national or international events which are relevant to the HEPEX community (and you can also support it by writing a blog post).

If you have any problems, please email us.



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